Catching the four horses of the apocalypse

August 5, 2011

Red Dead Redemption – undead nightmare map pack – Catching the four horses of the apocalypse.

The four horses you are looking for are FAMINE, WAR, DEATH, and PESTILENCE.  Unlike the regular Red Dead Redemption, the undead nightmare map pack includes a lasso for you to get started. To find the first horse of the apocalypse (FAMINE), you must first kill Uncle Sam. Go to the middle of the ranch and look around for the one horse that looks to be alive. It will be the horse that isn’t green. This horse is hard to catch. Since hitting zombies out on the ranch causes them to explode, it will make catching the horse more difficult so avoid hitting these zombies.  Hit the horse with the lasso and get to it as fast as you can or it will pull you along the ground. Once you get close enough, jump on its back. It’s just like collecting any other horse.

The next horse you are looking for is Pestilence. It will be dead. You can find it close to Armadillo. This will be the first town you come to when you leave the ranch.  This horse will be south of the ranch near the Mexico border. It will probably be attacking coyotes so be careful not to come toward it from the front. Always come to this one from behind. Collect this horse the same as the others and move on to the next one.

The third horse you will most likely come upon is the War horse. To find this one, you must actually cross the border. Remember what happens in Mexico STAYS in Mexico. Ok.. so you have crossed the border, you need to go to the town where you get the revolver.  Inside of the middle of the town (where all the zombies are) you should see a horse on fire. This is WAR. He will likely charge you but do not let him hit you. If you do, you burn. Ride Pestilence and follow War. War should fall into the valley and if so he won’t be able to do anything. He will be stuck so you can use your lasso and collect him just like the others. Three down one more to go.

The final horse will be Death. Go to Elizabeth town and kill all the zombies. Once they are all gone, take Pestilence or War and ride out of the city. Turn around and go right back into the city and there should be a horse in the middle of the town. This is the final one.  He is hard to catch. You can’t sneak up on this one. Remember that if this horse hits you, you will die so be aware and ever watchful. Throw your lasso as soon as he starts charging you the third time. Once you get the lasso around him, you have to first be standing on your horse’s back end and then jump over to Death. He will be like any other horse but you will have to ride him about 5 times longer and keep going until he has calmed.

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